Last updated on Monday, 23 October, 2017

When you choose to use our ongoing services we will perform an exhaustive clean in our first visit.  This ensures that your residence is thoroughly cleaned and up to our high standards.   Visits thereafter are to maintain that level of cleanliness and require less time.

The price to clean your home is based on many factors: the size of your home, the frequency for cleaning, numbers of pets, and/or people living in the house, different levels of clutter, different surfaces.  We would need to visit your residence to give you an estimate on costs.

Similarly to the initial clean, it depends on many factors.  Once we visit your residence we can give you an estimate on costs.   However,  this service runs about half the price of an initial clean.

For superior customer service we believe it is important for our team to get to know you so they can best respond to your particular needs.   Thus, we strive to send you the same team each and every time we visit.  

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